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Deliciously Crispy 100% Fruit Snacks

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About Us

Love fruit?… Who doesn’t? But sometimes eating fresh fruit isn’t always an option. 5th Season Fruit is the next best thing to fresh fruit when it’s not available.

The lovely people at 5th Season have found a new way to help you get your fruit fix; capturing all the goodness of the finest sun-ripened fruit in a handy pack. “IT’S FRUIT WITHOUT THE FUSS!”

Each pack is 90% of the nutrients retained, it really is the next best thing!

Best UK Healthy Snack Company

Most Innovative Freeze-Dried Fruit Brand


UK Future Brand 2019

“I love these! So fruity and a nice change from the typical dried fruit. I like to have them on top of my porridge too.”

“Okay, so I didn’t expect these to be how they are! I expected your typical dried fruit… but these are AWESOME! Such a cool little snack. 5 stars from me!”

“I absolutely Love these! The perfect low calorie snack if you want to keep the sugar cravings away!”

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