Supporting Small Producers During Coronavirus

About Us

The U.K. has a cornucopia of wonderful small food and drink producers, all cooking-up delicious products to treat your tastebuds.

Yet, many of us face extraordinary challenges at this time, in part because the 2020 food and drink festivals have mostly been cancelled.

So, we created the Food & Drink Festival Online, where you can discover and buy our epicurean delights for delivery to your own home.

You’ll find a whole range of different and inspiring food and drink products, that you can filter just like walking down the isles of a store.

Each producer has their own page – when you see something you like on our Home Page, just click the link to find out more.

And of course, from there, we’d love you to visit the producers’ websites, and don’t forget when you get there…click the buy button.

Made By


The Food and Drink Festival Online is run by Richard Reeves at SLICEDICE – the food and drink industry’s specialist in web development, SEO, content and digital marketing.

Richard spent many years in London’s world-leading marketing and web agencies. He is certified in plant-based foods (Rouxbe), trained as a chef (Leith’s), in wines & spirits (WSET) and distilling (IBD).

Richard has worked with growing food and drink businesses for nearly 20 years and served up websites, brands, and marketing initiatives across most categories.

If you are looking for web development, SEO, content or digital marketing for your food or drink business, visit SLICEDICE or call Richard on 07711 083308.

The Food Hub Facebook Group

The Food Hub Group on Facebook is a community for like-minded food and drink entrepreneurs.

The group’s founder is Jason OT Gibb, also Founder of Nudo (olive oils), Bread & Jam and Unruly (Plant-based) Foods.

Being an entrepreneur can be a lonely road. So, Jason established the Food Hub for UK based food and drink entrepreneurs who want to share, network, ask questions and find collaborators.

The group has over 10,000 members and is a lively and important part of the UK’s entrepreneurial food and drink scene.

Katia Sokolskaya, Food Hub Group member and Founder of Nauteas was originally involved in the creation of the Food & Drink Festival.

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