Artisan Raw

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Organic Cashew Che(e)se with Superfoods

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About Us

Artisan Raw is a London-based producer of raw, plant-based snacks.

We specialise in a range of organic, vegan “che*ses” made from the highest-quality cashew nuts packed with superfoods and probiotics.

Our Che*ses could boost your immunity and help you re-charge while on the go!

Our mission is to offer healthy, delicious and all natural snacking solutions without compromising on taste and quality, as well as save the planet from cruelty.

Great Taste Award

“They taste great! Apricot is my favourite flavor, it goes perfect with a cup of tea.”

“I love the taste and texture, it’s more like real cheese than other vegan cheeses I’ve tried.”

“I’m obsessed!”

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