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Bay’s Kitchen

About Us

Bay’s Kitchen produce award-winning, Low FODMAP, Gluten Free, vegan foods.

Bay Burdett, Founder of Bay’s Kitchen, was diagnosed with IBS after years of suffering IBS symptoms and was advised to follow a Low FODMAP Diet.

The diet requires you to eliminate foods high in FODMAPs, which can be naturally found in foods as well as in additives.

Bay soon realised there were few convenient, Low FODMAP foods available. With 1 in 5 people being diagnosed with IBS, she knew she couldn’t be the only one looking for the foods which don’t contain hard-to-digest ingredients.

And so, Bay’s Kitchen was born!

FODMAP Friendly Certification

GOLD Free From Food Award


Gluten Free Certification

“I’m on a coeliac gluten-free diet and intolerant to many things but I love Bay’s Tomato and Basil Stir in Sauce; it’s really tasty and doesn’t make me feel rubbish afterwards. I can’t remember the last time pasta tasted SO good. Thanks Bay.”

“This is my favourite Bays Kitchen sauce – it is perfect with chicken or vegetables. The flavours are outstanding for sauces that contain no garlic or onions. It is so flavoursome. This sauce is so good I could eat it on its own! Thanks Bays for enabling those on a low fodmap diet to enjoy Korma sauce.”

“After trying this product, I will definitely be buying it again. The perfect blend of herbs and spices, make this a truly indulgent sauce. Great for a easy midweek meal and one the whole family can enjoy.”

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