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Delicious Raw Honey and Honey Preserves

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About Us

Nowadays it’s becoming harder and harder to find high-quality natural foods and that’s what inspired Stela & Mo to start BeeHype.

They set out to create a one-of-a-kind selection of the finest raw honey and honey preserves. The carefully hand-picked honey varieties will tickle the palette of even the most passionate connoisseur.

BeeHype honey is made by hard-working bees in the pristine forests and meadows of Bulgaria and is responsibly sourced from trusted beekeepers. It’s also regularly tested for pesticides, water content and antibiotics to ensure what you get in each jar is only the purest and most delicious raw honey.

“It is impossible to compare it to the store bought honey. You can taste the quality and every product is 100% natural.”

“There’s Honey and then there’s Beehype Honey ! Each jar is packed with the most beautiful and unique flavours with amazing textures which will leave your taste buds dancing.”

“My favourite brand of honey. Amazing quality. Money well spent.”

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