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Binary Botanical

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A Beer for Wine-Lovers

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About Us

binary is a new style of beer that uses an organic hop leaf infusion to give a tangy rather than bitter taste to a light refreshing beer.

Aromatic, flavourful and gently sparkling – binary is delicious on its own and the perfect mixers for some easy to make at home cocktails.

A wine-lovers’ beer? Satisfy your curiosity.

Vegan and gluten free. Available in 4% and 0.5% ABV.

Future Foods Newcomer – Speciality Drink

Great Taste Awards

Quality Drink Awards Silver

“This beer is unlike any beer I’ve ever tasted, its light and refreshing and could almost pass as Prosecco. Definitely a new firm favourite in our household!”

“I am not usually a beer fan but this tastes so refreshing! It doesn’t have the usual bitterness of a lager and is much more refreshing than wine or Prosecco. A strong new favourite.”

“I’m blown away by how yum this is! Super refreshing and goes well with food! Even better is that its fewer calories than a glass of wine – perfect!”

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