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Gluten-Free, Vegan, Oven-Baked Doughnuts

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About Us

Borough 22 is a dedicated gluten-free vegan doughnut bakery making small-batch, oven-baked doughnuts that anyone can enjoy, allergies or not.

We ship our doughnuts twice-weekly overnight by courier. Our signature recipe was developed for our family who suffered from multiple intolerances with a lack of options for sweet treats in the shops of any real quality. Since then we’ve picked up two awards and thousands of followers.

We also produce low FODMAP versions and try to adapt our recipe where possible for those with severe allergies. Our recipe can be made without nuts but we are not a certified nut-free facility and we do use PEANUTS and tree NUTS in some of our toppings.

“Literally amazing! My 3 daughters and I were so excited to try them they couldn’t wait 2 seconds.”

“These doughnuts are a dream come true 🙌 😃 they’re vegan, gluten free, baked and the recipe doesn’t include soya and maize flour, which is also a relief for me.”

“The doughnuts that I had were so delicious that I literally cried. Thank you for allowing me to feel a little bit more normal after all these years – can’t wait to go back and have more!”

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