Supporting Small Producers During Coronavirus

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Like many others in our food & drink brand community, you’ve probably developed and invested in an inspiring range of products to appeal to the modern consumer.

But, at this extraordinary time, and with the 2020 festivals mostly cancelled, many amazing food and drink entrepreneurs face the challenge of a lifetime to keep their businesses afloat, and growing.

So, we thought we’d use our skills to do our bit for positivity by setting up the online Food & Drink Festival for 2020.

This website presents your amazing business and products to consumers and the media, with a link to your website and social profiles, where shoppers can find out more and buy online.

We are now pitching this positive story to the press and other influential parties. Please follow our coverage and other news here.

It’s FREE to be ‘listed’ – submit your brand information and images using the two forms below, and we will build your Brand Profile.

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