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Delicious Dairy Free Barley Drinks

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About Us

Bright Barley’s new range of vegan shakes come in three rich, refreshing flavours – Chocolate, Coffee and Salted Caramel – and is the UK’s first plant-based milk made from the ancient supergrain, barley.

This forgotten foodie hero packs a low-fat, fibre punch that has fuelled physical excellence back to the Roman gladiators.

No lion-wrestling needed now, however: Bright Barley has distilled the natural goodness of UK-grown, organic barley, added calcium, vitamins D and B12 and crammed them into on-the-go cartons, making ‘healthy’ both delicious and convenient.

“You all need to try this drink -I’ve found my new favourite drink – so creamy and caramel-y.”

“These are my new favourite thing – basically my daily breakfast now – it’s so good to know I’m getting my vitamins D and B12 , calcium and fibre without even thinking about it.”

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