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About Us

At Crické, we make insect-based savoury snacks, outrageously tasty and high in sustainable protein.

All our products are enriched with the cricket powder—a great, low-impact source of complete protein, vitamins, and minerals. We mix it with only all-natural ingredients to make unruly tasty, healthy snacks.

Crické’s first product available on the market is Cricket Crackers.

Keep your body singing with edible insects!

ENTOTRUST certified. ENTOTRUST is an independent organisation, certifying the quality of food products containing edible insects. Our products have been lab-tested and met their extremely strict quality and sustainability standards.

ENTOTRUST certified

“These cricket crackers are unbelievably tasty! Like whole wheat cracker, with a nutty aroma – and a smoked aftertaste. I love the idea of an alternative protein source, more sustainable for us.”

“These cricket crackers are unbelievably tasty! I love the idea of a cracker stacked with sustainable proteins, fibres and Italian ingredients. I was doubtful at first, but they do really taste great.”

“These are really nice once you have one you want more of them.”

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