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DRGN Turmeric Superdrink


Caffeine-free Energy & Wellness Drink

About Us

DRGN is a natural energy & wellness drink, without caffeine and low in sugar.

Inspired by the Far East, DRGN is a fusion of botanical ‘superfoods’, vitamins and minerals, blended in Austria with spring water and natural citrus.

Refreshing and versatile, DRGN can be enjoyed any time of day to support the immune system, reduce fatigue and as a refreshing pairing with any food.

DRGN contains Turmeric, Ginger and pepper, well-known for their powerful antioxidant properties, 50% of daily required Vitamin C, 30% of B-Vitamins and E to reduce fatigue and protect the body, and Electrolytes for added hydration.

Lunch Innovation Awards – Gold Winner

World Beverage Innovation Awards – Finalist

“Love the taste and branding!”

“Very refreshing and healthy drink!”

“This drink is delicious!”

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