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From Denied to Delicious

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About Us

Inspired by our Nan’s tasty recipes, we save imperfect & surplus fruit and transform it into perfectly crafted cold-pressed juice.

A trip to a local farm opened the eyes of the founders to the food waste problem – specifically the devastating effect that excessive aesthetic standards imposed by supermarkets have on the food we consume. From our logo to our boxes we turn the unwanted into something Flawsome.

Not from concentrate, no added sugars, artificial sweeteners or nasties.

Fairer for farmers. Saving the rejected. Better for the planet.

“My absolute favourite soda drink! It tastes incredible, it’s very healthy, and it saves what would be wasteful fruit.”

“Couldn’t be happier with my crate of Apple and Rhubarb Flawsome. The coffee shop in my office building sells them and I’ve been hooked for a while now. Highly recommend – healthy, tasty and refreshing.”

“Fabulous flavour will definitely order again & try their other products!”

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