Happy Hour Cakes

About Us

Happy Hour Cakes is a small, independent cake company based in Walthamstow London, created and run by me, Sarah Hogan, producing hand crafted cocktail inspired cakes.

I started my business 3 years ago – because I was looking for some original treats for a hen do, cupcakes wouldn’t cut it for my bestie, thinking I could do better than that.

I took inspiration from my day job as a graphic designer for alcohol brands and made my first Pink G&T cake!

Happy Hour Cakes take fun and partying seriously and are all about colour and flavour explosions, aiming to bring as many smiles as we can by; providing the tastiest mementos for special events, causes, and life’s small celebrations.

“We tried a slice of the G & T cake, it was a delicious and intoxicating combination, we loved it.”

“Beautifully presented, these cakes looked almost too cheerful to eat but once you took the plunge and dug your fork in they were truly melt-in-themouth delicious.”

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