About Us

Luscious makes delicious award-winning certified organic ice cream and fresh custard from Jersey milk.

Our products are made on the Neston Park estate near Bath, where organic farming and wildlife conservation go hand-in-hand.

The rich milk from the farm’s Jersey herd makes our products really special – and all our other ingredients are carefully sourced from certified organic suppliers.

2019 was a great year for us – we won the Wiltshire Life Independent Food Producer of the Year, 3 Taste of The West Awards and two Great Taste Awards, as well as the Soil Association ‘Best of Frozen’ BOOM Award.

Awards & Comments

Soil Association
‘Best of Frozen’
BOOM Award

Two Great Taste Awards

3 Taste of The West Awards

“Just had a tasting of your ice creams. By universal consent sensationally good. Probably the best ice cream anyone has eaten round here outside of Milan! Congratulations!”

“I’m on a lifelong mission to find the world’s best coffee ice cream…. I have a feeling this might not have been made *just* for me but it’s my birthday tomorrow so I’m telling myself it was. It’s bloody lush by the way”

“THE most delicious organic ice cream. My personal favourites are Matcha Green Tea, Banana and Custard and the Winter Spiced Orange. They also do the best organic Madagascan Vanilla Custard. Divine💯”

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