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Mr Lee’s Noodles

About Us

Mr Lee’s award-winning, premium noodles in a cup.

Founded stage 4 cancer survivor Damien Lee, Mr Lee’s mission is to shake up instant noodles’ reputation as unhealthy and improve the category through the introduction of a premium, rice noodle product made with absolutely no nasties.

Their use of authentic recipes and the finest ingredients (market-leading amounts of premium freeze-dried veggies and proteins incl. generous chunks of 100% real chicken breast) further confirms Mr Lee’s as the most premium, tasty & guilt free global noodle brand.

Certified gluten free, low in sugar and includes vegan options.

Awards & Comments

Grocer Gold Award

Great Taste Award

Health and Vitality Honours

“Amazing (and gluten free) noodles in a cup! Lovely flavours and actual veggies in them! Would definitely recommend!”

“OMG, these are the best, the absolute best noodles I have ever had. If I didn’t have the pot in front of me I wouldn’t believe that they were from one. Can’t wait to try the rest.”

“Had these on a Virgin Australia flight to Brisbane, they were AMAZING!! They were so good I had to have them again on the flight home 🙌🏻🍜😍”

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