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About Us

Nauteas is an award-winning artisan tea company based in London, run by tea blender and professional Tea Sommelier, Katia Sokolskaya.

Katia was inspired to start Nauteas in 2015 while traveling around the world, where she saw how each country and culture had such distinct ways of making and serving tea. She took this inspiration to create her own range of artisan tea blends, using only the best natural ingredients. The blends have unexpected twists of flavour and personality, to make everyday tea rituals fresh and exciting.

Nauteas blends and are now sold around the world, from UK to Japan and served at some of London’s top restaurants. The teas have also won two Great Taste Awards.

Great Taste Awards

“I just wanted to say how much I am enjoying your teas – they are absolutely delicious.”

“Honestly the strength and flavour that comes through Nauteas tea is like nothing I’ve experienced before! They’re so good!”

“I’m obsessed!”

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