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Nazani Tea

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Luxury Herbal Tea

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About Us

Whilst exploring the wonderful world of camellia sinensis, it became apparent that its vast variety is attributable to the concepts of terroir, cultivars, layered processing and unique sourcing. Celebration of production and nuanced taste is not necessarily reflected in the world of herbal infusions.

Nazani Tea was founded to adopt the same approach and meticulousness for tea to herbal infusions. The brand is based on three principles – luxury, integrity and elegance (deliciae, integritas, elegantiam).

Nazani Tea is working to resurrect ancient herbal tisanes and making tea history (including the introduction of a new type of mint and colour changing infusions).

Awards & Comments

Great Taste Award 2018
* Mountain Mint & Olive Leaf

Great Taste Award 2018
** Chamomile & Kykeon™ (Modern)
* Kykeon™ (Traditional)

“This (Malllow) is magical, really, this is tea brewed by the fairies! The kids will love it”

“This (Elderflower) is personally my favourite! The smell is immediately noticeable and I drink it alone during evenings to relax or with the company of friends to have a nice herbal tea for guests when they visit.”

“I have tried many rose bud teas and this one (Damask Rose Buds) is by far my favourite I have even got my husband hooked on it! Highly highly recommend!”

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