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Yummy Popped Water Lily Seeds

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About Us

Water lily seeds are the hottest new superfood snack.

In India, water lily seeds have been used for centuries in traditional medicine such as Ayurveda, they are indeed a good source of protein, iron, magnesium and amino acids.

We offer a range of flavours from sweet to savoury using gourmet recipes to take you on a conscious culinary journey.

Oh Lily! delivers an innovative, crunchy, tasty, healthy snacking experience any time of the day.

Our snacks are vegan-friendly, naturally gluten-free and packed sustainably. You can also have them on top of your porridge, soups, salads and curries!

“How lovely these little things are!”

“It’s too good, i can’t believe it’s healthy!”

“Wowww! It’s so moreish!”

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