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PEP Kitchen

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Revolutionary Vegan Ready Meals

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About Us

At PEP Kitchen Ben & Joe make revolutionary vegan ready meals with BIG FLAVOURS inspired by street food from around the world.

Our frozen meals are complete portions for one and are packed full of highly nutritious, plant based ingredients.

We use award winning, home compostable trays and sustainable insulated boxes to deliver our meals to your doorstep – perfect to heat up whenever you need.

Check out our current menu: Jackfruit Massaman Curry; Spicy Szechuan Mapo Tofu; North African Harissa Hotpot; Mung Bean Moussaka; Mexican Chipotle Bean Stew; Jerk Sweet Potato Curry; Gunpowder Roots and Dhal.

“Amazingly delicious and so easy to cook!”

“The Moussaka and Jackfruit Curry have been my favourite!”

“Delicious, convenient and healthy!”

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