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About Us

Pura Panela is a natural dehydrated juice from the sugar cane achieved through a completely rustic and artisan process – no fancy machines here.

Panela is completely natural. No chemicals or additives added. Therefore it preserves all of the vitamins and minerals present in the sugar cane instead of getting rid of them through a mechanic centrifugal process like refined sugars do.

So, white sugar is even bleached to achieve that colour. white or refined sugar gives your body empty calories – whereas Panela, being natural, gives your body slower, released energy.

Business Idea Winner

Sheffield University


Venturefest Business Showcase (York 2016)

“This weekend, I used Pura Panela to make my home-made ice cream. HUGE SUCCESS!!!”

“I use Pura Panela as a Pre work out drink! It gives me a good shot of energy to prepare me for my gym session. I find it is much more evenly balanced than synthetic pre workout drinks.”

“Lovely in a cup of good coffee 🙂 highly recommended.

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