Rebelicious Sauces

About Us

Rebelicious are based in Cornwall and source local produce for our award winning sauces and condiments that are low in sugar and salt.

Taste of West


Nourish Award for Condiments

Taste of West


Truly impressed with Rebelicious Sauces, they are bursting with flavour, full of goodness, and extremely versatile! My toddler loves their Karmic Korma and so does his parents!

Rebelicious sauces are to die for, with innovative flavouring that sings in your mouth in spite of not being packed with sugar and salt. Apart from Karmic Korma (a cook-in sauce) my favourite it their award-wining Beetroot & horse radish ketchup.

“Much appreciated and so good!!”

Tana Ramsay (Gordon’s Wife :))

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