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Healthy, Tasty Seaweed Seasonings

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About Us

Health is your most valuable possession. What you put in determines what you get out.

This is where Seaspoon seaweed comes in. Seaweed is recognised as a nutrient-dense natural food and now, thanks to Seaspoon, it’s easy to incorporate this super-ingredient into your life.

Our award-winning blends are a versatile, natural and complete way to sprinkle nutritional power into your food. Such big flavours mean you can cut down on salt too!

We use our ‘magic mix’ of seaweeds, Sea Spaghetti, Dulse and Sea Lettuce in carefully considered quantities to give balance, nutrition and taste.

Great Taste Award
For Seaweed Seasoning

Gold Taste of the West Award

Seaweed Boost & Seaweed Seasoning

Great Taste Award
For Seaweed Boost

“A family favourite is the potato wedges with a sprinkle of Seaweed Boost. A little goes a long way!”

“I take a teaspoon of Seaspoon with a glass of water every morning…a great way to kick start my day.”

“I just wanted to let you know I LOVE the seaweed!”

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