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About Us

Nicola started Single Variety Co in 2016 from her home kitchen in London.

Visiting nearby farms she tried different varieties of fruit and then experimented until she’d developed the tastiest jams using minimal sugar, each jam showcasing the true flavour of the fruit.

Nicola also visited chilli farms and chose three very unique chillies to develop her three chilli jams- each with a different heat.

Single Variety Co still stay true to their roots, passionately sourcing all of their ingredients direct from the farm, using British fruit in the majority of their fruit preserves and making everything in small batches.

“Excellent jams. Recently purchased a box of the assorted chilli jams. Extremely pleased with them. A very high quality .the lemon drop one in particular is superb, has a great bite to it. I can thoroughly recommend and will have no hesitation in buying again when these have run out.”

“Rhubarb addiction. I literally have this now with everything. Toast, porridge, yoghurt, custard. It’s amazing”

“Constant kitchen necessity. We basically reorder some Single Variety jam as soon as we open our last jar. Tasty to accompany most meals but can be used as an ingredients in many dishes too.”

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