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About Us

We are a family-owned artisanal spice and tea company run by mother and son team Sanjay & Shashi Aggarwal (aka Mamma Spice & Baby Spice!)

We share a common goal: to honour our Indian heritage and make our ancestors proud.

That we can inspire so many to create, authentic dishes in the process is a bonus! Spice Kitchen now specialises in lovingly producing small-batch, freshly ground spice blends and tea blends.

We source the freshest raw spices from around the world, and then hand-blend, hand-roast and hand-grind them to authentic recipes.

Gift of the Year Winner 2018

Gift of the Year Finalist 2020

“Really pleased with this product, it looks classy and the contents were excellent quality. Our friend were thrilled with it as a gift.”

“This is the second spice tin I have purchased the spices are so fresh and smell amazing. They bring spice and taste to any homemade curry. The sari wrapped Tin is a lovely addition to any kitchen.”

“Excellent! Made a butter chicken curry the same day it arrived and the family loved it!”

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