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Smoky Sweet Salmon Heaven

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About Us

Can-D’s Candied Smoked Salmon is inspired by Native American and Canadian First Nation methods of preserving salmon.

The salmon is cut into small pieces, dry cured in salt and sugar, then brined in maple syrup, honey, Demerara sugar and salt.

Finally we air dry it and smoke it over old whisky barrels creating a sweet/savoury chewy treat.

It is sensational as starters, snacks or canapés.

Kosher certificated with KLBD

Great Taste Awards

“Love it! A friend told me about this new candied salmon and I’m glad they did! Unique and delicious, something that seems rare these days. I will be buying more of this!”

“Fabulous product. I shared this with some friends with a glass of wine and we all found it delicious. Its flavour is unique and quite different, but very more-ish. Once it’s out, you keep going back to it. More, please.”

“Such an innovative and original product. I enjoyed this as snack and it’s utterly delicious.”

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