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About Us

Naughty flavour. Nice ingredients. No bland-tasting nonsense. Here’s to unjunked snacks snacks that make you feel a bit cheeky. Because being good all the time gets pretty boring.

Well&Truly are a snacking brand dedicated to UNJUNKING some of the nation’s household favourites. We’ve kicked things off with a punchier, crunchier version of Nik Naks.

We’re all about making snacks that are better for you without losing that punchy, crave-worthy flavour that keep us going until we hit the bottom of the packet. And now that we’ve rid crisps of their naughty bits, you can finally snack like you really mean it.

All our snacks are baked in small batches, made with all-natural ingredients, are gluten free and have 40% less fat than the average crisp. That’s why we’re just naughty-ish, plain and simple.


Great Taste Award

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