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British Beef & Venison Biltong

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About Us

WOZA is an award-winning charcuterie business that specialises in premium air-dried beef and venison biltong.

We believe that eating meat is a privilege, not a right and we should all be eating the best quality meat that is sustainably produced. Our biltong is made using only prime cuts of finest British beef and wild venison, and is free from artificial preservatives, sugar and gluten – resulting in it having a lovely soft and moist texture.

We have a range of 4 exciting biltong flavours all available either sliced or in whole pieces. Our biltong is made, sliced and packaged to order.

“Top quality product! Will appeal to biltong lovers and foodies alike”

“Always look forward to receiving my monthly biltong subscription direct to my home. Best quality biltong in the UK”

“It’s amazing…the only issue is, it’s very easy to get through!”

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